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The right information in the most engaging format. This is the objective of CSI and it is through this Resource Center that this is partially realised.

Digital Resource Center, the holding house of CSI written word and intellectual capital. The navigations gives to the knowledge management and digital library- which houses internationally acclaimed publications as well as Information Age-CSI's award winning magazine, information on the events we hold each year, past presentations and Society's media releases.

With several events a year, the CSI has been able to develop an immense library of resources. In the cities through the branches or in the regions through the chapters CSI represents and reaches out to members and the community through branch forums, workshops, conferences and seminars.It is through these events that CSI delivers expert industry insights to enhance member's understanding of emerging technologies and to start a discussion around trends and research in the industry.


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  • Rekha Lakshmanan; Shiji T.P; Vinu Thomas; Suma Mariam Jacob; Thara P (2015-08-24)
    Abstract—Architectural distortion is the most commonly missed abnormality that indicates malignancy in mammograms. The proposed method detects architectural distortion based on the observation that the radiating structures ...
  • Shari Mohan; Harikrishnan.P.R; Sajitha. V.R; Nijas.C.M; Mohanan. P (2015-08-24)
    Abstract—A novel compact 4-bit RFID tag with lumped inductors is proposed in this paper. The chipless tag is a fully-passive microwave circuit and uses spectral signature for data encoding. The tag consists of multiresonatorsand ...
  • Anaswara.V.Nath; Archana.V.R; Abdul Kareem; Sreekumar.K (2015-08-24)
    Abstract: There are many different ways to describe a signal mathematically and the main motivation behind selection of a specific method comes from the choice of basis functions so as to suit the given signal and the ...
  • Sarah Jacob; P. Mohanan; S. Mridula (2015-08-24)
    Abstract—A compact coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed monopole antenna of overall size 25mmx20mmx1.6mm is presented for Ultra-wide band (UWB) applications. The proposed antenna consists of a truncated circular disc and a modified ...
  • Sumitha Mathew; R.Anitha; A.O.Lindo; K.Vasudevan (2015-08-24)
    Abstract— A microstrip antenna employing a simple annular ring shaped patch and a defected ground plane is presented here. The antenna resonates in the two bands of WLAN which are 2.4GHz to 2.484GHz for IEEE 802.11b/g and ...